Deryan calls on officials to cooperate with Hariri in forming new government

Grand Mufti of the Lebanese Republic, Sheikh Abdul-Latif Deryan, held this morning Eid El-Fitr prayers on the first day of festivities marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan at Mohammad al-Amine Mosque in Downtown Beirut, where he called on all Lebanese components "to rise above their selfishness and cooperate with Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri regarding the new cabinet formation."

He urged all political counterparts "to work to eliminate all obstacles hindering the birth of the government as soon as possible," adding that the delay is not in Lebanon's interest in light of regional conflicts.

Commenting on the economic situation in Lebanon, Deryan said, "Lebanon is going through a major economic and political crisis, and the Hariri government has participated in Arab and international conferences to help Lebanon in this regard." However, the Mufti questioned, "How can we re-gain their confidence if we do not put in place a serious plan to fight corruption?"

On a different note, Deryan called for "abandoning the quota system, abiding by the Taif Agreement and the Lebanese Constitution, and applying the principle of coexistence."

The Mufti criticized the recent campaign against the work of the UNHCR, saying, "How can an individual or party decide on such a serious matter, as if the government has no more policies at the domestic and foreign levels?"

Deryan concluded his words by stressing, "Our coexistence is the rock that can't be destroyed.

Source: National News Agency

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