DomiDocs, Inc. Unveils Revolutionary Homeowner Enablement Platform(R) With Flagship Products: HomeLock(TM), TrueValueIndex(R), and propRtax(R)

Built by Homeowners for Homeowners to increase residential property values, mitigate costly risks, and reduce expenses with a secure cloud-based platform.

STUART, FL / ACCESSWIRE / February 1, 2024 / In an unprecedented move, DomiDocs, Inc. has just launched a groundbreaking platform to transform the homeownership experience forever. This isn't just an upgrade - it's a complete overhaul of how we manage our homes. The DomiDocs platform brings together an arsenal of tools, data, and functionality never available to consumers in the history of residential real estate.

Founder and CEO, William McKenna, IV Unpacks the Vision: "Our products and services are market fluctuation agnostic. All American homeowners are feeling the financial pinch in this economic environment. Our goal is to consolidate down all the homeowner's business needs into one single portal of convenience. By uniting all the different technologies, service providers, and education, we empower homeowners. This is more than just a tech play; it's a revolution in homeownership."

Power at Your Fingertips: The Homeowner Enablement Platform® - Imagine managing your home with the click of a button. That's now a reality. Homeowners now have all the business tools to effectively manage their property(s). The platform is a digital powerhouse, offering three flagship products, along with everything a homeowner needs in today's tech-driven world. With future plans of AI-powered recommendations for each individual property, all consumers can access the technology through both free and paid memberships.

HomeLock™: The Ultimate Safeguard Against Residential Property Fraud - In a world where real estate fraud is rampant, HomeLock™ stands as the most advanced defense system available on the market today. Forget traditional title and life locking systems; HomeLock™ tracks by parcel number and property address, and has a custom-built search engine scanning 24/7 365. This is the only system that catches residential property fraud before, during, and immediately after giving the homeowner the advantage over fraudsters.

TrueValueIndex®: The Smart Way to Appraise and Enhance Your Home's Worth - Valuing your home has never been more accurate or empowering. Using AVM data, custom coding, and sophisticated algorithms, TrueValueIndex® offers precise property valuation. Plus, with the option to add home improvements, upgrades, and maintenance, homeowners can actively boost their property's value.

propRtax™: The Tool That Could Save You Thousands on Property Taxes - Overpaying on your property taxes? Not anymore. propRtax™ is a tailor-made assessment tool that helps homeowners determine if their property taxes are on point. With its easy-to-understand reports and step-by-step guides, contesting tax assessments has never been easier or more effective.

Documenting for Disaster™: Preparing For Mother Nature & Everything Else - Further empowering homeowners, DomiDocs has launched its "Documenting for Disaster" program, specifically crafted to digitally fortify properties against catastrophic events. This initiative helps homeowners prepare for emergencies, serving as a digital go-bag to ensure maximum insurance payout and expedited claim processing. Utilizing this platform could be the difference between recovering or not recovering from a major loss event.

Real Estate Transactions: Closing Document Delivery, Storage and Fraud Protection - DomiDocs is collaborating with some of the largest title and new home builders in the USA to redefine the closing experience through cutting-edge technology. This includes secure digital document delivery and permanent storage, ensuring homeowners have everything they need at their fingertips, from closing day onwards. With HomeLock turned on at closing, this completes the end-to-end fraud protection needed for real estate transactions.

Join the Home Management Revolution - DomiDocs is more than a platform; it's a partner in creating a digital legacy for your property. Embrace the future of homeownership. Welcome to the DomiDocs era.

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