Monday, 25 May 2020

MiSK Foundation Participates in Youth 20 Summit

Riyadh, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented by the Initiatives Center at Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Foundation "MiSK", participated in the works of the Youth 20 Summit (Y20) recently concluded in Tokyo, by adopting recommendations to be presented to G20 leaders during their next meeting in Japan at the end of June 2019, after agreeing on the development of three main areas including global trade, environment and business, and future work.

The Youth 20 Summit (Y20), held from May 26-30, 2019, is a global youth conference bringing together young experts from the G-20 to discuss global youth issues through several proposed policies for G-20 leaders.

The Initiative Center at MiSK Foundation selected four young men and women representing civil society in the Kingdom to participate in the Summit, where the sessions witnessed the consensus of all participants on the importance of developing these fields according to scientific and technical developments and changing the concepts of youths about modern data.

The Center also organized a workshop for young ambassadors from the G-20 countries, which reviewed the "Future of Work" research, where the work force is undergoing a great change due to various emergency transformations, including the digital economy, aging societies, gender reforms and emerging technologies.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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