Monday, 30 Mar 2020

Riachy: Lebanon shall endure

Caretaker Minister of Information, Melhem Riachy, said after paying Independence Day well-wishes to the Lebanese President that despite the fact that Lebanon remained in danger, the Lebanese people would eventually win thanks to their firm belief in their country.

Lebanon shall not falter. Despite all the economic, security, sovereign, and other difficulties, this nation shall rise, the Caretaker Minister said in a word from Baabda Palace.

"Lebanon will endure, but in order to overcome its current crises, it needs more than a year's time. The nation is in need of a struggle that is greater than its divisions, administrations, and even government. This also entails the government's seriousness handling impending dossiers, Riachy maintained.

He went on to step up calls for respecting competency standards. They are more important than anything else, and if properly adopted, Lebanon will seriously be on the right path of Lebanon's independence."

Riachy finally expressed hope that the new Minister of Information would abide by the mechanisms he had adopted handling Tele Liban dossiers. He also ruled out a disagreement with the President of the Republic over the name of Tele Liban Chairman; however, the Minister pointed to a disagreement with the President over affairs that involve the National NewsAgency.

Source: National News Agency

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