Wednesday, 8 Apr 2020

The President of the Republic confirms his interest in the lawyers and supporting the work of their Union

BAGHDAD, President Barham Saleh stressed his interest in the lawyers and supported the work of their Union.

"Barham Saleh met today with a delegation from the Iraqi Bar Association, headed by Bar Association President Ahlam Al-Lami, who presented the congratulations to Saleh on the occasion of assuming the post of President of the Republic.

Barham Saleh stressed the importance of the role of Iraqi lawyers in raising the word of truth and laying the values of justice, praising the union's efforts to contribute to legislating laws that protect the rights of citizens.

He listened to the suggestions of members of the union council and the problems that hinder the work of their institution and maintain the profession of law, stressing the need to protect the rights of lawyers and work to strengthen their position in society.

The President expressed his willingness to work to support the legitimate rights of this segment.

For her part, Al-Lami expressed her gratitude to President Barham Saleh for his support of the work of the union and the interest of lawyers, stressing the continuation of the union's work in support of state institutions and the consolidation of the values of justice.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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