The Israeli enemy on Thursday targeted the vicinity of Mount Labouneh with heavy machine gun fire. The areas affected by the Israeli aggression include Mount Labouneh and Al-Alam. Yesterday evening, the Israeli enemy fired a number of heavy artillery shells on the outskirts of the towns of Naqoura, Mount Labouneh, Alama Al-Shaab, Tyre Harfa, and Dhaira, causing severe damage to crops, olive and pine trees, and water networks. Flares were launched by the enemy into the sky over the western and central sectors, reaching the outskirts of the city of Tyre. A raid on the southern Lebanese town of Beit Lif last night resulted in the destruction of a house and the martyrdom of Mohammad Naif Hamoud, later mourned by the Islamic Resistance, at the age of thirty. The issue of displacement towards safe areas in Lebanon, especially in the Tyre region, weighs heavily on the Tyre Union of Municipalities and municipalities in the Tyre district, as other Lebanese districts have not yet designated reception centers for t he displaced, except for one center in the Ghazieh area. It is worth mentioning that the fire that broke out at night in one of the apartments in the industrial city of Tyre was not caused by enemy bombardment, but was a local fire resulting from an electrical fault. Civil defense teams worked to extinguish it and rescued four trapped individuals inside. Source: National News Agency - Lebanon