Thursday, 13 Aug 2020

Lise Grande Colludes with Houthi, Allowing Weapons Smuggling, reports Yemeni Government 3 Aden

Yemeni Information Minister Moammar Al-Eryani denounced what has been done by Grande, describing it as contrary to the good omen the Yemeni people were auguring well of the United Nations.

The minister depicted the memorandum a cover-up for the direct support provided by the UN coordinator and the supply for the Houthi militias, a serious development and a flagrant violation of all international laws related to the crisis of the Yemeni people.

He pointed out that the UN coordinator rewarded the Houthi militias for foiling the recent Geneva peace consultations attempt, offering them a golden key to prolong the war and continue the sufferings of the Yemeni people in the form of a "memorandum of understanding".

Al-Eryani did not rule out a pre-envisioned scenario of sending Geneva talks to a failure by the Houthi militias in exchange for taking gains outside the dialogue table.

The Yemeni Information minister suggests that the memorandum of understanding will become an easy gateway for the infiltration of Iranian experts and Hezbollah leaders, as this is what the Houthi militias have long awaited after failing in this task.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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