For forging school seals and official documents, the arrest of an employee who exploited his position in Diwaniyah

Baghdad: The National Security Service announced today, Monday, the arrest of an employee who forged school seals and official documents in Diwaniyah Governorate.

The Service stated in a statement that “based on accurate intelligence information and obtaining judicial approvals, an employee working in the Diwaniyah Governorate Education Directorate was arrested. He forged school seals and official documents to issue forged administrative orders for new appointees (contract holders) in the Diwaniyah Education Annex after replacing and adding the names of those who do not have actual direct work in schools and do not have administrative orders.”

He added that “the accused was forging school seals and tampering with documents and certificates, exploiting his job position.

The Service continued, “He was arrested red-handed in accordance with the provisions of Articles (275), (289) and (330) of the Iraqi Penal Code. His statements were recorded in accordance with the law and he was referred to the competent jud
icial authorities to take the necessary measures against him in accordance with the law.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency