Gaza.. Agriculture reveals to Ma’an the reasons for the high prices of vegetables in the markets

The Gaza Strip has witnessed a significant rise in the prices of vegetables in recent days, which is exhausting the simple Palestinian citizen in light of the difficult economic situation in which he lives.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Agriculture in the Gaza Strip, Muhammad Abu Odeh, said that the rise in the prices of vegetables in general in the Gaza Strip in their various types is due to two main reasons. The first reason is related to climate change, which globally affects the entire world and also threatens food security at the global level.

Abu Odeh explained to Maa: “The Gaza Strip was greatly affected by an unprecedented rise in temperatures, and the displacement of some seasons, such as: the dominance of the summer season primarily over the rest of the seasons. Therefore, it greatly affected the crops in the open field, because what is grown now is grown in fields.” open.

He added that this period is the period of cultivation in open fields because the agricultural year begins for the farmers and the Ministry of Agriculture in the middle of the month of August and the beginning of the month of the ninth, when cultivation begins in greenhouses and in the fields, and these crops are considered the backbone and basic basis for the production quantities of vegetables.

He explained that the crops that take place during these months are in open fields, so the production quantities are less, in addition to that, which is greatly affected by the unprecedented rise in temperatures.

He noted that it is important to provide the main and basic crops under the supervision and planning of the Ministry of Agriculture and with the assistance of farmers working in the sector and institutions

Source: Maan News Agency