Monday, 13 Jul 2020

More than 34,000 calls to the customer service center by the end of Dhu’-lQi’dah

Jeddah, By the end of the month of Dhu'-lQi'dah 1440 H., the customer service center at the ministry of Hajj and Umrah received 34,397 calls on the unified number (8004304444) inside the Kingdom and (920002814) from inside and outside the country, it was reported here today.

The report added that the center also received 390 reports, 24,118 inquiries, 5,179 emails, and 3,297 complaints.

Center employees interacted with the people on Twitter platform answering 2,538 tweets. The center operates around the clock to serve people and to answer questions and to serve the pilgrims the best possible way.

Head of the customer service center at the Hajj and Umrah Ministry, Asem Qutb, said that the main purpose of specifying the number to receive complaints and suggestions, is to measure the level of performance of customers on the services provided by the service sectors and departments. It also helps in addicting pilgrims and increase their awareness of the systems and procedures that needs to be followed.

He added that the center is working on connecting the services provided with phone applications and social media platforms and SMS. It also aims at improving employee's skills at the center through training seminars. Also increasing the number of workers at the center during peak time during the month of Ramadan and Hajj, so those benefiting can easily reach the ministry of Hajj and Umrah via phone or through their accounts on Twitter. This will give the ministry the ability to reply fast and easy. That in addition to assisting calls to finalize their procedures regarding Hajj and Umrah and visit, and to document reports and directed to the related authorities.

The customer call center receive reports and inquiries through the following channels:

Unified number inside the kingdom: 8004304444

Unified number inside and outside the kingdom: 920002814

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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