Monday, 23 Nov 2020

Saudi Press

Riyadh, Saudi newspapers highlighted in their editorials today a number of issues at local, regional and international arenas.

Al-Riyadh newspaper in its editorial entitled "Qatar's Black Chapters'' wrote that a day after day, a new chapter emerges from the black file of the Qatari regime and its absurd attempts to purchase others to find a proof for its eligibility, efficiency and sovereignty which it has sold in public auction in order to ensure its continuity and survival, noting that the last one of these black chapters was revealed by British Sunday Times newspaper about the Qatari regime's campaign of a misleading propaganda to blow up the files of competing countries' bids in violation of the rules of International Football Association (FIFA), which is a clear violation of the rules of honorable competition.

Al-Youm newspaper in its editorial entitled "Harvesting forbidden fruits'' wrote that Tehran may now realize that its sectarian project of territorial expansion and fragmentation of the whole region has been reduced and is in danger, and that what it has done against the peoples of the region and the world will not pass without bad consequences for it first and puppets second that have betrayed their countries as they are plotters who kill under Iran's banner for its malicious agenda, and now it is the time to harvest forbidden fruits.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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