Thursday, 4 Jun 2020

Washington: Saudi official linked to 11/9 attacks

BAGHDAD, The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has unveiled the name of a Saudi official allegedly linked to the September 11, 2001, attackers.

"Prosecutor William Barr gave the information in particular to a lawyer representing the families of victims who are suing the Saudi government," prosecutors in New York said.

Saudi Arabia has always denied involvement in the attacks. There was no response or comment from the Saudi Embassy in Washington on the report.

The FBI said the report, prepared in 2012, referred only to the Saudi official in connection with what he called the "opinion of the investigation."

The case in 2003 received a strong boost in 2016 when Congress passed a law that makes it easier to prosecute foreign governments for their alleged involvement in terrorism.

Prosecutors are trying to extract material from the 2012 FBI report that the Agency is investigating Saudi officials, Omar al-Bayoumi and Fahd al-Thumairy, who said there was evidence that an unnamed third party had asked them to help the attackers.

According to the FBI, lawyers will recognize the person's name, but his identity will be kept secret.

"The Saudis are running out of the case," said attorneys Don Milgore and Sean Carter, who are linked to the case. "We look forward to disclosing more information in the coming weeks and months."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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