Hawi Organizes Regional Tournaments for a New Ramadan Hobby Experience

Riyadh: In a statement issued today, Hawi, an initiative of the Quality of Life Program, said that the activities it launched during Ramadan, including padel, football, chess, and other games tournaments, are part of a comprehensive strategy to promote and stimulate practicing hobbies.

It emphasized that this approach underscores the role of hobbies in fostering stronger social connections and promoting physical and mental well-being among individuals.

The statement said that various events and tournaments could be accessed during Ramadan through the Hawi application, which enabled users to register, participate, track their progress, and engage with their favorite hobbies.

Hawi Marketing and Communication Officer Enad Alnefaie said “the tournaments initiated by Hawi during Ramadan aimed to promote hobbies in different regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”, adding that such events are pivotal in fostering communication and interaction among participants, creating an environment that encourages citizens,
residents, and visitors to participate in cultural, sports, recreational, and other hobby-related activities.

Hawi collaborates with 12 government entities to promote the practice of hobbies throughout the Kingdom. It has established hobby clubs, facilitated membership registration, processed requests for support, explained sector regulations, reserved spaces and facilities, organized training courses, and fostered partnerships with local institutions.

Source: Saudi Press Agency