Headed by the Deputy Commander of Joint Operations … a joint government security delegation arrives in Saudi Arabia

Baghdad, A joint government security delegation arrived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, headed by Lieutenant-General Abdul-Amir Al-Shamri, Deputy Commander of Joint Operations, today, Thursday.

A statement by the Security Media Cell stated that the delegation included the head of the Border Ports Authority, the Director General of Customs, the Chief of Staff of the Border Guard Forces Command, the Director General of Civil Status, Passports and Residence, the Director General of Land Transport, the Head of the Security Media Cell, and the Director of Planning in Joint Operations.

At the head of the recipients was the Commander of the border guards in Saudi Arabia, Senior security leaders and officers who welcomed the Iraqi delegation, expressing the depth of the brotherly relationship between the two countries.

Then the two sides held a joint meeting, during which they discussed a number of common security issues related to border and port security and ways to enhance joint cooperation and coordination to enhance security stability and develop trade movement between Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The two countries and the importance of continuing to exchange goods in the areas of trade exchange in a safe manner in accordance with a joint security strategy that ensures the sustainability of cooperation between Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

The two sides also discussed a number of security issues and the importance of strengthening cooperation and continuing coordination between the two countries because of its great impact on stability in general, as Iraq and Saudi Arabia represent an important security, economic and strategic depth for the region.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency