Saturday, 4 Feb 2023

Kanaan: Christian reconciliation irreversible

Strong Lebanon" Parliamentary bloc Secretary, MP Ibrahim Kanaan, said that the relationship between the Free Patriotic Movement and the Lebanese Forces could be restored at any moment.

"The inter-Christian conflict is a red line," the lawmaker told a local French Daily L'Orient-Le Jour, describing the Christian reconciliation as irreversible.

He stressed that the current political dispute would not affect the reconciliation, which had been built on "strategic and long-term" basis.

Moreover, Kanaan pointed to the "conflicting" interpretations that had been made to explain the most recent positions of President of the Republic General Michel Aoun and Free Patriotic Movement Leader, Minister Gebran Bassil, vis-a-vis Meerab agreement.

"The deadlock that has been accompanying the relationship between the FPM and the LF in recent times could be broken. The revival of the relationship is possible at any moment, especially that in politics, nothing is fixed or definitive," the lawmaker maintained.

Source: National News Agency

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