King Abdulaziz Heritage Castle, a Historical Symbol Embodying Decades of Security and Prosperity

The historic castle of King Abdulaziz in Hail is one of the most important historical landmarks in the governorate. It was built on the order of King Abdulaziz in 1940 and has been used as a complex for government departments since its establishment. It then became a special headquarters for the governorate until 1396. It spans over 900 square meters, is surrounded by a 5.2 m high wall, and has a tower in its four corners.

The visitors of the King Abdulaziz Castle in the old city neighborhood experience a journey through time, drawn by the glory of the past, its rhythm, and its sense of pride in a great homeland and wise leadership, which Allah Almighty has utilized to gather the country’s diaspora, and unifying the ranks.

The ceiling is constructed of wood, palm fronds, canes, and mud. Inside the castle is an open courtyard surrounded by rooms and parking lots for vehicles.

On the western side is a room that was an office for the postal and telegraph administration at the time. To the south are three rooms used as offices for government departments. On the eastern side is the main gate that splits two rooms. A five-meter-deep freshwater well close to the post office is in the middle of the courtyard.

In November 1995, an earthquake occurred in Haql, causing a partial collapse of parts of the west tower, a large part of the west wall of the palace, a large part of the south tower, and a portion of the south wall. The Municipality later repaired the damages, and the collapses were treated with bricks and modern cement.

Source: Saudi Press Agency