Kitesurfing at Yam Beach .. An Exceptional Experience against the Waves

Jeddah-- Yam Beach in King Abdullah Economic City is offering kitesurfing in a charming atmosphere and activities loaded with enthusiasm, where visitors can experience the ability to balance, face, and ride the waves in an exciting and enjoyable experience.

Kitesurfing is a sport that involves motor activities on the water and surfing, where the windsurfing board uses the power of the wind with a large controllable kite in order to be propelled through the water, and it is managed by harvesting the energy of the wind using the sail to push and move the board on the surface of the water and adjust the surfboard per the direction of the wind to move the board by the wind power.

Yam Beach is a destination site in King Abdullah Economic City, which opened its doors to families seven days a week to enjoy the available activities and relax on the beach. The destination site provides its visitors with various recreational activities and water adventures for adults and children who can try a water bike, enjoy rowing boats with family members, and take diving trips in the depths of the Red Sea.

The beach hosts several areas allocated for outdoor family picnics, local and international restaurants, the Marina Canal area that includes rowing boats and floating water bikes, and the Lagoona Campsite. The area is characterized by interesting activities which include Pure Beach for swimming, marine activities such as diving and jet skiing, beach horseback riding adventures, quad motorcycles, four-wheel drive vehicles and the Bay La Sun area, including Yam Beach, in a unique and distinctive experience.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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