Lebanese Hezbollah targets 2 buildings housing Israeli soldiers in south of Lebanon

Baghdad: The Lebanese Hezbollah announced on Monday that it had targeted two buildings housing Israeli soldiers in the Al-Manara colony, opposite to the towns of Mays al-Jabal and Hula in southern Lebanon, confirming that direct hits had been achieved.

Hezbollah said in a statement: ‘In response to the Israeli enemy’s attacks on the steadfast southern villages and safe houses, especially the towns of Hula and Shebaa, the Islamic Resistance Mujahideen targeted, today, Monday, two buildings in which enemy soldiers are stationed in Al-Manara colony, with appropriate weapons and hit them directly, they left the soldiers dead and wounded.’

The southern Lebanese border recently witnessed a significant increase in the number of operations, while the Commander-in-Chief of the International Emergency Forces operating in southern Lebanon, Aroldo Lazaro, urged all parties to cease fire and exercise restraint.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency