Wednesday, 1 Apr 2020

Jammali: Hariri the most moderate

MP DimaJammali on Tuesday maintained that Prime Minister-designate, SaadHariri, was the most moderate and that he made all the needed concessions to facilitate the formation of the new government.

"PM-designate Hariri has never ceased his attempts to remove the hurdles delaying the government birth," Jammali told Future TV.

"Hariri has already made concessions when he gave a Sunni share to the President of the republic and another one to [former] PM NajibMikati," she indicated.

"Our problem today is more external than internal, because some Lebanese sides are serving foreign agendas and do not care about Lebanon's best interest," she added.

"Hariri is the most moderate as he has extended his hand to all the Lebanese sides," she stressed.

"The solution is in the hands of President Michel Aoun," she said.

Source: National News Agency

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