Makkah Hospitals Offer Pilgrims Remote Heart Patient Monitoring

Makkah: King Abdullah Medical City (KAMC) in Makkah has renewed its collaboration with the Seha Virtual Hospital for the second year to provide pilgrims with a remote heart patient monitoring system.

This innovative project leverages smartwatches to track vital signs and key physiological parameters of pilgrims with heart conditions. The devices transmit data in real time to a dedicated team of specialists at KAMC and the Seha Virtual Hospital, ensuring continuous monitoring throughout Hajj.

A key benefit of the smartwatches is their discreet design, which allows pilgrims to interact naturally with others while ensuring that their health is monitored. This feature significantly enhances their psychological comfort and overall Hajj experience.

This year, the program targets 100 pilgrims with heart disease; 20 pilgrims benefited from the service so far.

Source: Saudi Press Agency