Sunday, 24 May 2020

Basra Operations Command Launches Inspections Operations For Weapons And Wanted Throughout The Province

Basra, Basra Operations Commander Qasim Jassim Nazzal confirmed that the coming days will witness the continuation of inspections of weapons and wanted persons in areas of tribal conflict, pointing out that the command started its operations according to orders issued inspections of weapons and wanted in the entire province of Basra.

Nazzal said in a statement, "there are appeals by citizens demanding the confiscation of arms by the state and the confiscation of weapons of all kinds, which has become a major threat to the lives of citizens in Basra.

He added, "We have directed the activation of the intelligence side in this area and the pursuit of arms dealers, drugs and promoters of these deadly materials and coordination between units operating under command.

He pointed out that the security force was able to arrest a group of wanted under Article 406 killing and found different pieces of weapons. Pointing out to continue to seize motorcycles and raise the shadow classes for cars during the coming period through setting up checkpoints and field follow-up by the security forces and according to the times announced in advance.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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