Ministry of Culture to Launch New Cultural Channel on Saudi National Day

Coinciding with Saudi National Day on September 23, the "Cultural" TV channel will be launched and will be available for streaming on the MBC satellite package and The channel aims to cater to both the intellectual elite and the wider public, offering a variety of interactive programs that showcase Saudi Arabia's rich cultural heritage.

Among the content that will be broadcasted are plays, concerts, cultural events, and documentaries, featuring well-known writers, poets, and academics. A particular focus of the channel will be on the "Year of Arabic Poetry" initiative, which was launched by the Ministry of Culture earlier this year to celebrate the pivotal value of poetry in Arab culture and history. The channel will also host a notable poetry competition, where the winning poem will be prominently displayed in Riyadh.

Additionally, the channel will include a daily news program covering the latest developments in Saudi, Arab, and international cultural events. There will also be a book review program that delves into valuable books and their cultural impact. Furthermore, a fashion program will allow participants to showcase the Saudi identity in hairdressing, makeup, and clothing. For food enthusiasts, there will be a cooking show featuring Chef Rakan Al-Arifi, who will explore local farms and markets to create famous international dishes using local ingredients. These are just a few examples of the programs that will reflect the views of the Saudi people and highlight the heritage, civilization, and cultural history of the country.

The establishment of the "Cultural" TV channel stems from an agreement signed in August 2023 between Minister of Culture Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan and MBC GROUP Chairman Waleed Al Ibrahim. The channel aims to spotlight the vibrant and diverse culture of Saudi Arabia, further solidifying the Kingdom's position as the regional hub of culture.

Source: Saudi Press Agency