Newly Released Ibexes at Shukran Park Give Birth

Al-Baha, Al Shukran Park of Baljurashi governorate in the Al Baha region marked the arrival of new baby ibexes from the herd recently released into the park by the National Center for Wildlife.

It has been less than a month since the center released seven ibexes into the park during the Hijri month of Sha’ban.

The births took place naturally within the park’s serene environment, and the baby ibexes are in excellent health. The center, in collaboration with the park’s dedicated staff, has been closely monitoring these precious new arrivals.

Moreover, there is more to look forward to, as the park provides the perfect habitat for further ibex births.

The center conducted an extensive study on the park’s biodiversity, both in its current state and its future prospects. The study highlighted the vital importance of releasing such species into the park to enhance biodiversity in the park and surrounding areas.

The initiative not only contributes to the development of eco-tourism in the kingdom but also creates
new economic opportunities that benefit the local community, as the center seeks to foster strong partnerships with local residents and stakeholders.

In addition, the center boasts cutting-edge and top-notch breeding centers that specialize in breeding endangered species and reintroducing them into their native habitats, following the highest international standards.

The center conducts extensive research on the living conditions of these animals, while also using modern techniques to track and monitor the biodiversity of protected areas.

The center aims to collect valuable data and form understanding about the potential risks faced by wildlife to ensure their well-being.

Source: Saudi Press Agency