Tuesday, 7 Feb 2023

Okais to Radio Lebanon: We refuse accelerating cabinet formation at our expense

Member of the "Strong Republic" Parliamentary Bloc, MP George Okais, voiced rejection Sunday against speeding-up the cabinet formation at the account of the Lebanese Forces.

Speaking in an interview to Radio Lebanon, Okais indicated that his Party has offered many compromises in the past to facilitate matters in the country, and to ensure progress at the economic and social levels.

"From the very start, we have sought a quick cabinet formation and practically, the mandate team itself ought to be more in a hurry to form the government...We do not want to accelerate the formation of the government at our expense," said Okais. He added that all sides in the country have to sense the seriousness of the situation and offer concessions, since the LF Party will not accept to be the only one making compromises.

Over the Meh'rab Agreement, Okais considered that said Understanding has reflected positively on the general atmosphere in the country.

"This is what makes us take our time in adopting any escalatory move, for we feel the burden of going back to the pre-Meh'rab Agreement stage," he indicated.

Source: National News Agency

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