PM Meets MPs In Baghdad And Discusses Accelerating The Approval Of The General Budget

The Prime Minister, Muhammad Al-Sudani, visited the headquarters of al-Watan Parliamentary Alliance in the capital, Baghdad, in the presence of the head of the coalition, MP Yasser Iskandar Witwit out, the Secretary-General of the Alliance, MP Haider Al-Shamkhi, and MP Nazim Al-Shibli, Sajjad Salem, Osama Al-Badri and Nour Nafeh Al-Jelhawi.

The meeting discussed, at midnight on Thursday, several general issues that serve the people, including speeding up the approval of the general budget, as it relates to the life of citizens and strategic projects.

The head of the alliance, MP Yasser Witwit , stressed the importance of strengthening cooperation between the legislative and executive institutions and providing full support for the government program adopted by the Prime Minister.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency