Thursday, 6 Oct 2022

Global AI Summit Includes Session on Public Sector, Global Governance

Riyadh– Discussion panels accompanying the 2nd Global AI Summit – organized by the Saudi Data and AI Authority (SDAIA) under the theme “Artificial Intelligence for the Good of Humanity” at the King Abdul Aziz International Conference Center in Riyadh between September 13 and 15, 2022 – commenced.

Speakers during the session, titled “Public Sector & Global Governance: Defining the big vision of today and next AI technologies, research, policy and social implications,” addressed means to the possibility of unifying visions and variant framework of AI and how can technology and academic leaders across the world to benefit from and utilize them for the good of humanity. The session also reviewed means to measure the impact of AI, connect global economies and interact with citizens for the good of humanity.

The session saw the participation of Chief AI Officer, President, Responsible AI Institute and Founder at Qantm AI Dr. Seth Dobrin; SVP and CTO at AI HPE Eng. Lim Goh; Chief Scientist in Artificial Intelligence at Huawei Cloud and AI Dr. Qi Tian; Executive Chairman of the Board and CEO at SenseTime Dr. Xu Li; Saudi Company for Artificial Intelligence CEO Eng. Ayman Al-Rashed; and SVP and Global Innovation Officer at Cisco Dr. Guy Diedrich.

Dr. Xu Li stressed that work is ongoing with partners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, mainly in smart cities and the digital transformation stage, wondering about the possibility of machines to think, adding that the machines, with the immense development in AI, have become able to think and form the future of modern technologies and that the technological developments the world is currently witnessing have made a remarkable leap in the lives of humans.

Al-Rashed noted that major companies have realized several leaps over the past few years in AI, pointing out that startups have also the ability to progress, even if with slower pace than major companies, and form their future in the technological world. He also stressed that AI, unlike humans, has more flexibility and ability to transform and change once it is biased for something, announcing that Saudi Company for Artificial Intelligence will invest more than SAR 600 million in the technological field inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the near future.

Diedrich noted that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia enjoys big potential through its youth that are capable of shaping its future and progress in AI and modern technologies, adding that it is important to intensify training for the youth in the technological field and providing them with skills in AI.

He pointed out that AI has become an integral part of the transactions of several countries across the world and that the use of modern technologies is increasing, and that AI has become an influential source for the development of public transport means with having endeavors to transform several motion technologies into AI, which would contribute to the ability of major companies to maintain the safety and security of humans in their technological transactions without mistakes, reiterating the importance of focusing on goals of AI and work accurately before building AI and losing control on it later.

For his part, Goh stressed the importance for systems to be effective and capable of development, noting that it is not necessary to start from zero every time a new technology is built and that major companies can assume the role of realizing multiple envisioned goals.

Meanwhile, Tian went over modern applications that will be able to predict weather and agricultural conditions, among others, with more accuracy, noting that these applications will advance in a faster pace than their peers.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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