Friday, 5 Jun 2020

MOI: Solid evidence against 14 Iranians entering Bahrain on Asian passports

Manama, The Ministry of Interior has affirmed in a statement that its report issued on 8 September, relating to the arrest of 14 Iranians who had entered Bahrain with Asian passports and fake names, is based on documentary evidence and proof.

If the statement by an Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman which claimed that Iran could not confirm what had been mentioned in the MOI statement, and alleged that Bahrain hasn't presented evidence to the Iranian government or additional information.

The evidence and documents relating to those arrested and some of them mentioned here affirm the previous MOI statement and follow the standards of transparency, credibility and the procedures of documentation. Part of the solid evidence are the scanned IDs of some of the 14 Iranian nationals who were arrested for using Asian passports of fake information they bought to enter the Kingdom. May God protect Bahrain from all evils and harm.

Source: Bahrain News Agency

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