Saturday, 6 Jun 2020


United Arab Emirates Ambassador to Lebanon, Dr. Hamad Saeed Al-Shamsi, honored on Thursday evening National News Agency Director, Mrs. Laure Sleiman Saab, during a dinner banquet hosted in her honor at his Yarzeh residence. The dinner was attended by Minister of State for Administrative Development, Dr. May Chidiac, Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Lebanon, Walid Bukhari, and a number of MPs, media, and social figures.

"Honoring Mrs. Laure Suleiman, director of the National News Agency, means honoring the ambitious working woman; the mother whose efforts and role building the society we are most proud of. This goes in line with the vision of the UAE, which encourages women to take part in political, parliamentary, and media work, and gives them full support," the UAE Ambassador said in a word he gave marking this special occasion.

"This honoring event is also a message of thanks to the media that is committed to the causes of the nation; the media that is considered the best way to create public opinion, not to mention its important role in leading societies, especially if characterized by transparency, credibility, and respect for the 'profession of trouble'," he added.

The ambassador went on to say, "We chose the 'Year of Tolerance' to present this honorary shield in recognition of the endeavors of a prestigious woman; she has long delivered the true image of Lebanon, opened horizons of communication, and succeeded in fulfilling and maintaining her role, so much as to have been granted the "Arab Eagle" award in the field of public administration on the level of the Arab region in a tribute ceremony held in the United Arab Emirates."

"Media is a two-sided tool: it can be either used for construction or for demolition. We are relying on well-known media figures to take on this role that has become a language bringing together different civilizations and cultures," Shamsi concluded.

For her part, Mrs. Laure Sleiman Saab thanked Ambassador Al Shamsi for his "generous gesture". "We all know of the close relations between Lebanon and the UAE, and the ambassador has strengthened these relations through his contacts with all the Lebanese people and through his visits to all the Lebanese regions," She said.

"The UAE, headed by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, is a key supporter of Lebanon and the Lebanese people. It has opened its country to the Lebanese in times of war and peace," she added.

Mrs. Saab concluded by a quote of Miguel Cervantes, which says: "Man's actions reflect who he is,", then she said, "I relied during my career on this statement, because it reflects my convictions. I worked hard so as to not underperform in my media duties, so that the NNA of which I were entrusted would be at the same distance from everyone and its news be accurate and objective, not to mention the importance of respecting media ethics, human dignity, and maintaining what was entrusted to me."

Finally, Mrs. Saab handed Shamsi a symbolic gift as a token of gratitude for his gesture.

Source: National News Agency

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