Religious Affairs Presidency Evaluates Governance of Hajj Plan 1445 to Achieve Pilgrims’ Satisfaction

Makkah: The Presidency for Religious Affairs at the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque has enhanced the governance, impact evaluation and measurement indicators for its plan during the Hajj season 1445 AH. It has raised the quality of religious services to reach the highest performance standards to achieve the satisfaction of pilgrims.

The Supervisor of Legal Affairs and Governance, Mansour bin Abdullah Al-Matrafi, said that the governance of the Hajj season plan 1445 AH aims to achieve excellence and quality to enable the pilgrims to perform their rituals with insight and guidance in a moderate religious environment.

The Hajj plan has focused on major points, including highlighting the virtue and status of Hajj in Islam and cherishing the message of the Two Holy Mosques locally and globally. It also focuses on enriching the pilgrims’ religious experience and establishing a guest-centric approach to providing service to pilgrims.

Source: Saudi Press Agency