Saudi Arabia Shows Initiatives that Bolster Ocean Sustainability and Biodiversity Conservation at High-Level Event

San José, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Cabinet Member and Climate Affairs Envoy Adel Al-Jubeir took part in the High-Level Event on Ocean Action, held in the capital of Costa Rica, San José, from June 7-8, at the head of the Kingdom’s delegation.

The event is an important precursor to the Third UN Ocean Conference, scheduled to take place in Nice, France, from June 9 to 13, 2025.

The main objective of the San José event was to facilitate the exchange of expertise pertaining to ocean governance and safety while addressing the pressing challenges confronting oceans. Diverse topics were tackled, including the global ocean agenda and Sustainable Development Goal 14, which focuses on the conservation and sustainable utilization of oceans, seas, and marine resources.

The Saudi delegation took the opportunity to present, in the accompanying exhibition, a range of national initiatives under the banner of Blue Saudi. These initiatives are designed to bolster ocean sustainability; included is the assessmen
t program for environmental habitats in the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf, along with their rehabilitation.

The delegation emphasized the importance of preserving the unique biodiversity of the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf for social and economic progress through assessing the condition of coral reefs, seagrasses, and mangrove trees, which are crucial indicators when monitoring environmental wellbeing.

The delegation underscored the fact that Saudi Arabia identifies protected areas, both declared and proposed, as part of its commitment to the 30×30 goal within the ambit of the Saudi Green Initiative.

Among the national environmental initiatives highlighted by the delegation was the ambitious program aimed at planting 200 million mangrove trees by 2030, and 1.4 billion by 2100.

The delegation also presented the Kingdom’s endeavor to tackle plastic pollution at national level through legislative and regulatory measures, comprehensive waste management planning, the establishment of the National Center for Was
te Management, and activities that promote behavioral changes.

The delegation also emphasized Saudi Arabia’s commitment to implementing the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, thereby demonstrating dedication to conserving and sustainably utilizing biodiversity.

Source: Saudi Press Agency