SPN Finalizes Future-Focused Schools Conference

Uniting the nation's most accomplished and innovative K-12 schools and districts

BALLSTON SPA, NY / ACCESSWIRE / January 31, 2024 / The Successful Practices Network (SPN) is finalizing preparations for its upcoming Future-Focused Schools Conference, an event set to bring together the nation's most accomplished and innovative K-12 schools and districts. This conference will highlight significant achievements and methods at the classroom, building, and district levels, providing educators and administrators with a unique opportunity to learn from top-tier educational institutions.

Dr. Bill Daggett's Keynote
Dr. Bill Daggett's Keynote
Photo of SPN founder Dr. Bill Daggett taken during his keynote presentation.

Scheduled for June 24 - June 26, 2024, in Washington, D.C., the conference will feature keynote and general sessions that address contemporary challenges in education, such as Artificial Intelligence, Future-Focused Instruction, Attendance, Mental Health, changes in Student Assessments and more. The conference is tailored to engage a broad spectrum of education professionals, from classroom teachers to school boards, in the implementation of transformative strategies.

Dr. Bill Daggett's Vision for FFSC24:

SPN Founder and Chairmen Dr. Bill Daggett's vision for the conference is not just to showcase the work, methods, practices, and accomplishments of the nation's most accomplished and innovative K-12 schools, but also to spread that knowledge in a way that attendees can learn and adapt those practices in their own schools or districts. "The conference is a testament to our ongoing mission to drive change in K-12 education. It's a platform where professionals come together not only to share, but also to create actionable plans for student success," said Dr. Daggett. Recognized for his role in advancing preK-12 education, Dr. Daggett is the creator of the Rigor/Relevance Framework TM and the Future-Focused Success Framework TM, key components in the nation's school reform efforts.

A Showcase of Nation's Most Forward-Thinking School Districts:

The school districts highlighted below represent some of the many districts featured at the conference. These institutions exemplify the innovative and effective practices that are driving success in K-12 education today.

Naperville School District 203, Illinois:
At the forefront of educational innovation, Naperville School District 203 exemplifies academic achievement with a focus on holistic student development. This district has achieved a 98% graduation rate and is known for its commitment to preparing students for success beyond the classroom.

Parkway School District, Missouri:
Parkway School District stands as a model for inclusive and quality education, highlighted by its top-rated high schools and an impressive 92% graduation rate. The district emphasizes a supportive learning environment that caters to the diverse needs of its students.

Mason City School District, Ohio:
Mason City School District is distinguished by its high academic standards and a culturally enriched learning atmosphere, achieving a 95% graduation rate and top rankings at both state and national levels. The district offers a broad spectrum of extracurricular opportunities, contributing to the well-rounded development of its students.

The conference will also include sessions from a diverse group of knowledgeable professionals in K-12 education. Among these are Dr. Dave Schuler, Executive Director of AASA, Rachael McClain, Chief of Staff at Collegiate Edu-Nation and Linda Jordan, a Senior Learning Consultant and an expert in neuroscience and education. The most up-to-date presenter roster can be viewed here.

FFSC24 is set to be an enlightening and enriching event, offering a platform for engaging with educational thought leaders, sharing best practices, and developing new strategies for student success. It presents an ideal opportunity for educators and school leaders to gain insights and inspiration for shaping the future of education.

Conference and registration info can be found here.

For any media inquiries related to FFSC24, please contact afanitzi@spnetwork.org.

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