Wednesday, 3 Jun 2020

Normal Life In Basra Return After Security Events

Basra, Normal life returned to the streets of Basra after a night of confrontations and demonstrations led to the burning of the headquarters of political parties as well as the burning of the Iranian Consulate.

The correspondent of NINA said "The province is experiencing calm this morning and normal life in the streets and markets of Basra returned and roads opened after being closed last night because of events in the province, while markets and shops opened their doors.

The mayor of Zubayr district west of Basra, Maher Abbas Said "The district is witnessing a normal life and markets and business are back after the houses of government officials and two former parliamentarians were burned by groups," added "The Qaimqamiyya building was being subjected to an attempt to break into, but the security forces assigned to protect the building resisted them and prevented them from reaching it

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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