Tuesday, 2 Jun 2020

Sa’iroon Alliance: All Blocs Will Submit Their Candidates To Ministries And Designated PM Will Choose Appropriate Cabinet

BAGHDAD, The MP of Sa'iroon Alliance, Ayman al-Shammari, said that all the blocs will participate in the new government through the submission of their candidates for the ministries, and designated Prime Minister; Adel Abdul-Mahdi will choose the appropriate cabinet.

"The designated Prime Minister will be the first be accountable if his government fails to run the country, because he is responsible for choosing the appropriate names for his cabinet," Shammari told NINA.

He added, "The political blocs agreed to provide those who find them suitable for the cabinet and then the prime minister will be granted freedom to choose and exclude the inappropriate figures."

He pointed out that "the House of Representatives will be an observer and opposition in case the government fails to perform its duties."

The President of the Republic Barham Saleh had assigned, Adel Abdul Mahdi to form the new government, calling him to submit his cabinet.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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