Strong combination! Jolywood and Huanghe Hydropower have reached an in-depth strategic partnership to build a joint innovation laboratory

SUZHOU, China, July 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — On June 27th, Jolywood(Suzhou) Sunwatt Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Jolywood”) reached in-depth strategic cooperation with Hunaghe Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. of SPIC (hereinafter referred to as “Huanghe Hydropower”). On the same day, the unveiling ceremony for the Huanghe Hydropower-Jolywood Joint Innovation Studio was also held. It is reported that the Innovation Studio is part of the Photovoltaic Engineering Technology Research Center of Qinghai Province and was jointly established by the Huanghe Hydropower and Jolywood. The two parties intend to jointly promote the large-scale application of N-type bifacial cells and modules and other photovoltaic frontier technologies to realize grid parity at an early date.

Huanghe Hydropower-Jolywood Joint Innovation Studio and Qinghai Photovoltaic Engineering Technology

At this unveiling ceremony, many government leaders  and experts from the National Energy Administration, the Qinghai Provincial Government, the State Power Investment Corporation and the Chinese Academy of Sciences presented and congratulated the establishment of the Innovation Studio. During the meeting, Xie Xiaoping, Chairman of Huanghe Hydropower Group, and Lin Jianwei, Chairman of Jolywood also had a cordial conversation, and conducted in-depth exchanges on the future development trend of PV technology.

Lin Jianwei said: “Huanghe Hydropower and Jolywood have always maintained a very close  relationship, and the  establishment of a joint innovation laboratory means that the two parties will establish a deeper and more long-term strategic cooperation in the future. As an opportunity, we will make use of our respective strengths to promote key technology enhancements for N-type bifacial high-efficiency modules, and quickly achieve grid parity for a win-win situation.”

Jolywood (SZ300393) was established in 2008 and successfully listed in the Growth Enterprise Market in 2014. The company’s photovoltaic business segment continues to expand. It persists in taking the leading technology as the core and the struggle-oriented talents as the driving force, focusing on customer development, focusing on the green energy field, and building the four business sectors as”Jolywood Materials, Jolywood Solar Technology, Jolywood Minsheng, Jolywood New Energy”. Among them, Jolywood Materials focuses on the backsheet business, with a production capacity of more than 100 million square meters in 2017. It is a professional manufacturer of photovoltaic backsheet; While Jolywood Solar Technology is a global leader in N-type bifacial high-efficiency technologies and currently has 2.1GW of solar cell capacity.

Leader of Jolwyood together with 15 Other Guests to Unveil the Joint Innovative Laboratory of Photovoltaic

State Power Investment Group has been working on photovoltaic new energy for many years with the largest installed capacity of photovoltaic new energy in the world and a full industrial chain layout in the photovoltaic industry. The group attaches importance to the innovative application of new products and new technologies, and has won many praises from the Chinese party and state leaders. In the future, they will work together with Jolywood to promote the rapid application of high-efficiency, high-reliability products in the industrial chain. In addition to the Huanghe Hydropower-Jolywood joint innovation studio, the Photovoltaic Engineering Technology Research Center of Qinghai Province also includes joint innovation studios of Huanghe Hydropower and many well-known partners in the photovoltaic eco-chain at home and abroad, such as Huawei, JA, CATL, DuPont, Panasonic, Fraunhofer, and National University of Singapore, etc.

In the future, Huanghe Hydropower-Jolywood joint laboratories of N-type bifacial high-efficiency solar cells and modules will promote the performance of N-type TOPCon, IBC, TBC and other bifacial solar cells in terms of efficiency, module encapsulation and backside efficiency, as well as on more in-depth studies on reliability and diversified application scenarios, to further promote Jolywood in new materials, new technology advances and product quality improvements, and towards the leading level in new energy industry.


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