TeleDNA’s Global Launch of Next-gen Messaging and Monitoring Solutions Designed To Transform Telecom Operators’ Business Operations

SHANGHAI, July 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Continuing with its quest of offering best-in-class telecom middleware solutions to the telecom operators, TeleDNA Communications Pvt Ltd unveiled two new products at the #MWCS18 – Mobile World Congress, Shanghai. The new products aim to dramatically improve the management of telecom network operations. With the global launch of COGNIZ and MESSAGER II, TeleDNA has further strengthened its portfolio of carrier grade solutions for next generation telecom networks.

Speaking at the occasion of the global launch in MWC Shanghai 2018, Anand Iyer, CEO of TeleDNA, said: “We operate in a space characterized by rapid obsolescence of technology as well as ceaselessly increasing customer demand, spanning telecommunications, the internet and mobility. For us, a new product here demands that we focus relentlessly on solving the telecom network manager’s day-to-day problems which help them stay ahead in this extremely competitive market.”

Cogniz is a telecom services management platform that simplifies service monitoring for a telecom operator. At its simplest, Cogniz is a universalvirtualconsole for the network operations team that provides them a unified single window to monitor all their services in a vendor, product and location agnostic manner. Cogniz enables the operations team to define a Yellow (signifying safety) Zone, whereby they get notified of thresholds and performance warnings before the network gets impacted, so they can respond before there is service downtime. Cogniz also helps automate repetitive housekeeping tasks, hence allowing better utilization and productivity of the operations team.

Cogniz will also be equipped with a cognitive engine that will process volumes of data, establish patterns, run machine learning algorithms to detect anomalies and help predict service problems before they occur, thereby preventing potential telecom service downtime.

MESSAGER II is TeleDNA’s most capable and state-of-the-art Short Message Service Center (SMSC) platform catering to the booming Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS business opportunity, where operators are looking for a messaging platform that can be rapidly configured for capacity, connectivity and control. Messager II is a scalable-on-demand SMSC that can be user configured by the network operations team from as low as 1,000 TPS to over 50,000 TPS in a single deployment. This can be accomplished with no lead time and the solution is available as a modular software appliance – which means the customer can request to download the software by providing the minimum hardware required to support the capacity they need. Apart from the traditional SMSC protocols, Messager II supports 4G/LTE networks, IOT and M2M requirements of the operators.

About TeleDNA Communications Pvt Ltd.

TeleDNA Communications was founded in 2000 by telecom industry professionals with experience in global markets. TeleDNA is a pioneer of MMSC and SMSC solutions in the markets served since then.

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