The Minister of Communications discusses with the Deputy UN Representative in Iraq the preparation of the national strategy to reduce hate speech

Minister of Communications, Dr. Hiam Al-Yasiri, Deputy Representative of the United Nations Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), Claudio Cordone, discussed today, Monday, ways of joint cooperation on preparing a strategy to reduce hate speech, in the presence of a number of members of the Supreme Committee charged with writing this strategy.

During the meeting, the importance of this issue was emphasized, the UN measures taken to reduce hate speech were reviewed, recommendations and plans adopted by the United Nations were shared, and some of the experiences of countries around the world were discussed in this field.

It is noteworthy that the committee assigned by the Prime Minister, headed by the Minister, is continuing to work on preparing this strategy, which aims to reject extremism and sectarian incitement and reduce hate speech.

The attendees stressed the importance of distinguishing and separating between limiting hate speech and the right of expression and freedom of opinion and not violating them, as they are among the most important rights stipulated in the laws and constitutions of developed countries.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency