The Minister of Education arrives in Paris to rally support for Iraq’s membership in UNESCO

Baghdad, Minister of Education, Ibrahim Namis al-Jubouri, arrived in the French capital, Paris, to mobilize support for Iraq’s inclusion in UNESCO membership.

A statement by the Ministry of Education quoted Al-Jubouri as emphasizing the importance of Iraq’s inclusion in UNESCO membership and obtaining the support of member states, after his strategic plans and development programs bore fruit and he regained his reputation among countries, during Al-Jubouri’s attendance at the 42nd UNESCO conference and his visit to the representative office in Paris and deliberating on the programs “for the education and dialogue sector to develop modern policies for the preparation and training of educational and teaching staff.”

The statement added that the Minister of Education also visited the Iraqi Embassy and the Iraqi school in Paris, discussing the situation and circumstances of the students of the Iraqi community, urging the provision of full support for this educational scientific edifice because it represents the starting point for the outputs and the cultural interface outside the country.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency