Times Square featured author Dan Durkee’s Electrifying Literary Thrillers: ‘Prey’ and ‘Survive’

Dubbed as the terrifying duo of the season, Dan Durkee's books blend horror and survival in gripping narratives reminiscent of Stephen King's works.

GOLDEN, CO / ACCESSWIRE / January 31, 2024 / Rising author Dan Durkee invites readers on an exhilarating journey into the heart of horror with his latest releases, "Prey" and "Survive." With an uncanny ability to blend mystery, horror, and suspense, Durkee crafts tales that grip the imagination and refuse to let go.

Drawing inspiration from Stephen King's atmospheric horror, Durkee creates narratives that resonate with enthusiasts of adventure survival narratives. These gripping tales also cater to readers in search of a compelling blend of terror and heroism in fiction. With skillful storytelling and an adept fusion of genres, Durkee provides a thrilling experience that pushes traditional boundaries, making his works a must-read for those who appreciate the nuanced interplay of fear, survival, and heroism in literature.

Set against the serene backdrop of Ft. Lupton, Maine, "Prey" unfolds a mysterious tale where exceptional fishing turns into a nightmare. As fish vanish and strange occurrences abound, Nick Traverse and his adopted son, Chris, find themselves entangled in a terror beyond imagination. A deep ocean creature, roused from its slumber, emerges as the malevolent force behind the chaos. Durkee's narrative mastery takes readers on a journey from underwater horrors to pulse-pounding moments of terror, ensuring a gripping experience from cover to cover.

On the other hand, "Survive" is about a national wildfire near the Canadian border in Washington state that plunges readers into a fight for life and sanity. Keith and his crew, seasoned firefighters facing a routine mission, are thrust into an unforgiving wilderness after a tragic accident. With injuries, isolation, and an ominous force hunting them down, the crew must navigate the treacherous terrain to overcome both the natural elements and the unknown.

Both books have been receiving fervent praise from fans around the world for their vivid depiction of fear and human resilience. One reader, encouraged by a holiday billboard advertisement, shares, "Reading horror during the holiday season was not on my bucket list, but I couldn't resist. 'Prey' kept me hooked from start to finish!" Another laud Durkee's "Survive" as a gripping tale that had them on the edge of their seat, "I didn't plan to finish this in one sitting, but once I picked it up, I couldn't put it down. The blend of horror and survival elements creates a truly immersive experience." The sentiments of these readers highlight Durkee's ability to engage and enthrall with his masterful storytelling.

"Prey" and "Survive" are available now on Amazon and on the author's website in physical and digital formats. Get your copy today!

About Dan Durkee:

Dan Durkee, a Vermont native and a 25-year veteran of the fire service, seamlessly integrates his experiences into gripping horror fiction. Recognized nationally with the Spirit of Excellence Award from AT&T for his literary contributions to the fire department, Durkee's dedication to the horror genre and his narrative finesse promises a riveting reading experience.

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