Friday, 27 Jan 2023

Transport General Authority Launches Service to Regulate Truck Entry to Riyadh during Banned Times through Scheduled Timings

Riyadh-- The Transport General Authority, in partnership with stakeholders, has launched a service to regulate the entry of trucks to Riyadh during banned times as of January 17, 2023, as part of the second phase of the main inauguration for a program to enter central cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The authority confirmed that the entry of trucks to Riyadh during the banned times would be through booking electronic appointments and schedules, with the exclusion of trucks from the relevant authorities and authorized to enter during the prohibited times. This will contribute to increasing the efficiency of the logistics services, regulating the flow of trucks and preventing the accumulation of trucks at the entrances to the city, and raising the quality and efficiency of transport.

The authority noted that this service would enable carriers engaged in road cargo transport activity to move appropriately to the main roads in Riyadh at banned, peak, and traffic congestion times. This step aims to reduce long waiting times for drivers of such trucks, as well as the development of operational aspects, mitigation, and facilitation of companies and private sector enterprises engaged and investing in the transport of goods, reducing costs. This service will also help increase the efficiency and quality of the logistics movement's operational services, provide necessary reports and data analysis to support decision-making and sector development, promote targeted economic growth, and reduce the financial losses of carriers.

The authority explained that booking appointments for truck entry to cities would provide more integration and allow better work for administrating and regulating the transport of all trucks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and benefiting from data and information to develop the transportation of goods.

The authority also said that carriers can benefit from the "entry of trucks to cities" service through the e-portal of transport via:, where the authority allows the transfer of several e-services that support and empower carriers who practice transport activities and allow them to carry out services easily.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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