Turkey confirms its absolute rejection of the PKK’s attempts to hold local elections in northeastern Syria

Istanbul: Turkish Defense Minister Yasar Guler confirmed his country’s absolute rejection of the PKK’s attempts to hold “local elections” in northeastern Syria.

Guler said during a meeting held via video conference today, Monday, with senior Turkish army leaders: It is noteworthy that the terrorist organization’s arms in Syria are trying to hold so-called local elections in areas with a high Arab population density.

He added: “We categorically reject these alleged electoral procedures that the terrorist organization sees as a stage for establishing an artificial terrorist state that is inconsistent with regional reality.

It is noteworthy that the civil administration of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and its wing / YPG / announced last Thursday the postponement of the so-called “local elections” in the areas under its control in northeastern Syria from June 11 to August 18.

The organization aims to hold elections in the areas it occupies to gain legitimacy in the areas it occupies in northeastern Syria with
the aim of forming a region that it runs outside the authority of the Syrian government.

The efforts of the Workers’ Party organization to hold elections have been met with great criticism and opposition inside and outside Syria.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency