Enjoy Mondays to Release Job Aid Chatbot

OVERLAND PARK, KS / ACCESSWIRE / January 30, 2024 / Enjoy Mondays, a recruitment platform that launched in October of 2023, is pleased to announce the pending launch of its new chatbot. This AI tool has been trained to answer questions from job seekers and provide instant career and job-seeking advice. The idea is to automate standard questions that typical job seekers have on a regular basis, freeing up Enjoy Mondays' human staff members for more complex questions and issues.

Enjoy Mondays launched in October of 2023

The leadership team at Enjoy Mondays decided to develop this unique new chatbot because the platform was originally built based upon advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, to offer data-driven vetting and automation for job matching to eliminate inefficiencies in traditional job hunting.

Integrating the new chatbot presents a strategic move for Enjoy Mondays, and the team feels it has the potential to enhance the company's growth potential while promoting a client-centric mindset. Because the bot can automate responses to common inquiries, it can handle a high volume of queries simultaneously, ensuring instant, round-the-clock support.

This efficiency can improve the user experience and allow the company to allocate human resources more effectively, so that the human staff can focus on complex, high-value interactions.

The chatbot, through machine learning, will continually refine its responses based on user interactions. This can lead to more personalized and accurate advice over time to bolster user engagement and satisfaction. As it does so, it can gather valuable data on job seeker preferences and behaviors, driving informed decision-making and innovation in the platform's services.

Founder Travis Lindemoen shares that the new chatbot is part of Enjoy Mondays' forward-thinking strategy that integrates modern tech into the recruitment industry. "I've been in recruiting for over 18 years," says Lindemoen. "I've conversed with tens of thousands of job seekers. I've helped launch multiple startups, so I've been on both sides of recruiting. I've seen the gaps in the system and I feel that Enjoy Mondays can fill that gap, especially by integrating new technologies like AI and ML, combined with human intelligence. This new chatbot can make the whole process smoother to attract more users and employers and help them find the perfect fit for each talent and each position."

Lindemoen adds that the next phase of Enjoy Mondays will be a community page where both employers and job seekers can ask questions, receive expert career advice, and share information.

"When job seekers have job search questions or need career advice, it can be hard to book a session with a recruiter," says Lindemoen. "That's why we created Enjoy Mondays. You can now chat with a talent expert whenever you have questions. Our hope is that you wake up each morning with more confidence, a plan for personal growth, and a talent expert you can get one-on-one advice whenever you need it."

He adds that the SaaS platform has been live for just a few months and they are already gaining traction daily. "Right now we have over 150 employers who are looking for talented individuals, ranging from entry-level roles to team leaders," says Lindemoen. "Job seekers can find opportunities in industries like fintech, fashion, insurance, PE, finance, and several others. We're seeing over a thousand job seekers sign up every week, so we're very excited to offer this new chatbot to help streamline the process."

About Enjoy Mondays

Enjoy Mondays is an AI-driven job matching platform designed to simplify the job search process. The platform utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to match job seekers with ideal employment opportunities. Users create a one-time digital profile encompassing their skills, experiences, and career aspirations, with the goal of eliminating the need for manual job searches, multiple applications, and wasted interviews.

Website: https://enjoymondays.com/

Contact Travis Lindemoen at info@EnjoyMondays.com

SOURCE: Enjoy Mondays

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