Premier IT MSP Evolv I.T. Fuels Competitive Edge of Its Clients, Leading to 99.8% Approval Rating in 2023

BIRMINGHAM, AL / ACCESSWIRE / January 30, 2024 / Evolv I.T., a top Managed Service Provider (MSP), has closed out 2023 with the highest client satisfaction rating in its eight-year history: 99.8%. Announced by CEO Daniel Herrera at Evolv I.T.'s headquarters in Birmingham, the milestone caps off a strong year that was driven by the company's focus on beating its own previous record for customer service solutions. The company made a significant effort to leverage agile methodology and sprint each quarter toward new goals dictated by the ever-changing technology landscape and Evolv I.T.'s commitment to be proactive in their planning and solutions and the voice of the customer. The company continues to rise to the top of the MSP industry with yet another innovative approach to business and service at this pivotal time for companies in all industries.

While outsourcing information technology tasks has been common for years, the reasons behind these partnerships have changed. While initially MSPs were renowned for easing the IT burden on administration, Herrera reports he is seeing the basic motivations for companies partnering with MSPs change, resulting in even deeper partnerships with his clients.

Clients are looking for their MSPs to help their bottom line and meet more impactful goals like:

  • Managing and maintaining their productivity suite, backups, and equipment
  • Closing gaps in capabilities
  • Accessing talent and the latest technology
  • Obtaining a competitive edge
  • Keeping pace with industry changes and mitigating cybersecurity risks
  • Being faster and more innovative
  • Becoming more efficient and productive
  • Ultimately, increasing scalability of organizations

How crucial are these abilities to the success of organizations in the digital age? A survey of 2,000 business leaders found that the highest performing companies "are 4.2 times more likely to use MSPs for strategic advantage, beating companies that use them only for cost savings by 43 percentage points of performance premium."

In a recent interview, Herrera reflected on the evolving MSP landscape, saying, "Top organizations are becoming very forward-thinking about today's technology, particularly how it aligns with their needs. When we partner with our clients, we analyze their cybersecurity weak points to optimize their organization's tech-stack and productivity suite to help them achieve their goals and streamline productivity while eliminating technology pain points and burdens. We empower our clients to go beyond a vendor relationship and partner with an MSP that is truly invested in the success of their company."

This dedication and motivation was the catalyst that fueled the company's success in 2023. Herrera reveals that 100% of Evolv I.T.'s clients say that their daily business operations have become more productive and efficient, while 96% of their clients are experiencing growth since partnering with the company.

"We are able to support our clients as they scale their operations and are always looking for ways to improve their technology efficiency, stability, scalability, and security. This past year, we focused on decreasing our ticket resolution time, which resulted in our motivated team resolving 93% of tickets submitted on the same day."

Daniel Herrera, CEO of Evolv I.T.

In 2024, Evolv I.T. will continue to elevate technology solutions, systems, infrastructure and deeply partner with businesses to analyze and optimize their technology to position them for success in the new year.

"With all the advancements in A.I., machine learning, and cybercrime, information technology' means more today than it used to and is more imperative to businesses than ever before," says Herrera. "At Evolv I.T., our main goal is to make sure that our clients gain or maintain their competitive edge through our proactive technology solutions."

About Evolv I.T.

Headquartered in Birmingham, AL, Evolv I.T. is a leading end-to-end Managed Services Provider with one of the industry's highest client satisfaction ratings (99.8%). Evolv I.T. offers revolutionary technology solutions to companies, such as technology lifecycle planning, asset management, 24/7/365 breach prevention, in-app shortcuts that reduce the risk of suspicious emails, ERP systems, software management, IT support, and more. Its national services increase the efficiency, productivity, security, scalability, and productivity of its clients. Evolv I.T. has been included in the Birmingham Business Journal's Best Places to Work two years in a row.

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