Health Ministry monitors increase in Coronavirus cases during the past days, calls for adherence to precautionary measures

The Ministry of Health monitored today an increase in Coronavirus cases in the Kingdom during the past days, stressing adherence to precautionary measures, calling on everyone to take precaution, adhering to preventive measures, applying physical distancing to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, and preserving their health and safety.

The Ministry of Health announced in new statistics on the developments of the Coronavirus in the Kingdom during the past 24 hours, the registration of 1,201 confirmed cases, and the recovery of 1,322 cases, while the number of active cases reached 9,788 cases, including 1,528 critical cases.

The statistics showed that the total number of cases in the Kingdom amounted to 455,418 , recovery cases to 438,206, while 16 deaths were recorded, raising the total number of deaths in the Kingdom to 7,424 cases.

It advised everyone to contact Center 937 for consultations and Inquiries around the clock to obtain health information and services and be briefed on the developments of the Coronavirus.

Source: Saudi Press Agency