Health Spokesman: Epidemic Curve Taking Downward Trend, Coupling with Continued Uptake of Inoculation, Adherence to Preventive Measures

Riyadh, The Official Spokesman of the Ministry of Health Dr. Mohammed Al-Abdulali pointed out that the curve of confirmed cases in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is passing through a stage of constancy and that the trend of the epidemic curve is in downturn, coupling with the continuous up taking of vaccines and adherence to preventive measures, reaffirming the ongoing follow up for the critical cases of the Coronavirus infections and stressing the importance of abidance by the fixed numbers in meetings and other functions.

He elaborated that the ministry is continuing applying precautions until the end of the pandemic, indicating that the stable condition is returning, grace to Allah, following the up taking of inoculation and committing to protective precautions and calling the travelers to know the health condition of their destination countries.

Laboratories licensed to issues travel certificates prior to travel are found on the Public Health Authority and for more information contact no.937, he pointed.

As many as 11,527,100 doses have been given at all 590 inoculation centers, in the Kingdom.

On the other hand, the overall number of confirmed cases in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia rose to 433,094, including 8,145 active cases, he said, adding that as many as 825 new cases have been reported, undergoing medical treatment, however most of them are in stable condition.

There are 1,376 critical cases against a total number of 417,787 recoveries, he stated, as 1,028 new recoveries was added against 7,162 fatalities as new 15 deaths were added.

The labs and centers across the Kingdom conducted about 9,950,328 swabs.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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