Presidency of Two Holy Mosques Affairs Fully Prepared to Serve Worshipers and Visitors of the Grand Mosque

The General Presidency of the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and Prophet's Mosque has put in place all preparations to ensure high-quality services, along with a healthy and safe environment during the Friday prayers at the Grand Mosque and throughout the entire blessed month of Ramadan.

The official spokesperson of the General Presidency of the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and Prophet's Mosque, Hani bin Hosni Haider, explained that around 5000 vehicles and 3000 electric ones had been provided to transport worshippers from parking lots to prayer halls, which can be booked in advance through the Tanaqol online app.

Haidar also said that the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques has also deployed observers at the doors of the Grand Mosque to receive worshippers and guide them to prayer halls and make the entry and exit movement easier in coordination with security agencies.

He also indicated that artificial intelligence technologies have been employed to carry out the sterilization and disinfection operations in the Grand Mosque, where 11 intelligent robots are providing sterilization services for up to 8 hours without any human intervention through a pre-programmed map to sterilize the Grand Mosque, and 20 high-speed Biocare sterilization tasks using dry steam for air and surfaces with an estimated area of around 1000 square meters per hour.

He further said that the presidency doubles its efforts to direct worshipers to the prayer halls designated for them through qualified employees in organizing the courtyards and passages from everything that may disturb the comfort of visitors and worshipers according to the operational status around the clock.

About (200) qualified Saudi supervisors to monitor the fieldwork of (4000) males and females work by washing the Grand Mosque (10) times a day, preparing (7000) Zamzam water bottles, and (800) workers distributing the blessed water to worshipers throughout the Grand Mosque.

As many as (4500) containers of Zamzam water were distributed throughout the Grand Mosque, through which about (500,000) people consumed thousands of liters.

The field plans during Friday prayers include preparing the entrances and corridors of the Grand Mosque, regulating the entry of worshipers, visitors, and Umrah performers to the Grand Mosque via escalators, coordinating with operations by directing worshipers to the upper floors and worshipers, and Umrah performers to smoothly perform Tawaf (circumambulation) around the holy Kaaba according to the approved plan, and taking into account not to sit in the corridors leading to Tawaf and not to sit behind the Kaaba, and ensure the readiness of safety modes, the effectiveness of anti-fire systems, alarms, the safety of pedestrian paths, and the willingness of the emergency plan in case of rain and weather fluctuations.

The Presidency has also recruited a field engineering team supported by technical and administrative cadres with competencies and expertise to prepare the audio system and ensure its safety in the call to prayer loudspeaker, the location of the imam, and the audio outlets related to the Friday sermon, in addition to carrying out the necessary technical tests for the loudspeakers and their devices well in advance of Friday prayers and operating and maintaining electronic, electrical, and mechanical systems in the Grand Mosque and its facilities, where all maintenance work is covered, and necessary tests are carried out to ensure the readiness of techniques such as the audio system in the Grand Mosque and uninterruptible power systems, and (2353) sensors, and automatic fire detection and alarm systems, in addition to ensuring the quality of work of all air handling units (AHU) and take measurements of temperatures. The temperature inside the places of prayers ensures the efficiency of cooling and the extent of proportionality with the outside temperatures.

Source: Saudi Press Agency