Shanghai Electric Presents at SNEC 2021 with Its New Battery Management System (BMS) Taking Center Stage

SHANGHAI, June 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Shanghai Electric Guoxuan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd (“Shanghai Electric Guoxuan”), a subsidiary of Shanghai Electric (601727.SS and 02727.HK), showcased its energy solutions designed to empower the carbon-neutral future at the 15th International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition (SNEC 2021) held recently in Shanghai. Focused on six major areas in the new energy sector, the theme of Shanghai Electric’s solutions unveiled at the Expo is to create a new green power ecosystem, which covers zero-carbon energy, green hydrogen production, industrial energy conservation, environmentally-friendly transportation, green buildings and smart energy storage.

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At the event, Shanghai Electric Guoxuan’s battery management system (BMS) for electrochemical energy storage clinched the “Megawatt Jadeite Award” for its innovative design that addresses one of the inherent defects in traditional battery management system architecture. With its hierarchical design and process management of functional modules, the system can track and control the operating status of all equipment inside the energy storage system with high precision and speed. The optimized system architecture allows the system to capture fault dynamics in real-time through the cloud system and achieve millisecond-level fault recording.

Energy storage is a key component to deliver clean energy transition for its potential to overcome the intermittent, unmanageable and remote characteristics of renewable energy sources. The massive deployment and rapid growth of renewable energy infrastructure across the globe mean that storage technologies that enhance the flexibility of new energy supply are sorely needed.

After years of development, the global energy storage market has begun to take shape and is projected to witness significant growth in the coming years. In 2021, the United States has become the world’s leader in adopting batteries for the grid and for renewables with its market accounting for 41% of global energy storage deployment. Driven by climate change policies embraced by an increasing number of countries, Europe is projected to take second place in the world’s energy storage market by 2023. In 2020, China’s installed capacity of energy storage reached 35.6GW, making up 18.6% of the total global amount.

Given its pivotal role in accelerating the next wave of the energy revolution, energy storage is critical to the transformation and advancement of the power sector for China and the world. Against this backdrop, Shanghai Electric is pioneering a new frontier for renewables powered by efficient and stable energy storage equipment. Built on its intelligent technologies and world-leading digital tools, the company has framed a roadmap and a strategy for energy storage products and solutions that are set to empower the entire new energy value chain on its path towards a more sustainable and green future.

2021 marked a new milestone for Shanghai Electric in its effort to explore energy storage solutions, when Shanghai Electric Guoxuan signed a memorandum with Pacific Green Technologies, Inc. (PGTK) to jointly develop a new generation of lithium-ion battery energy storage system (BESS) projects.

Building a one-stop smart energy storage solution powered by “one cell and three systems”

On the R&D front, Shanghai Electric Guoxuan is committed to developing and refining a series of standardized products with the aim of increasing the capacity and improving the overall efficiency of energy storage systems. The company also plans to build a one-stop smart energy solution with its technological focus resting on the development of Battery Cells, Battery Management System (BMS), Station-level Monitoring System (SCS) and Smart Operation and Maintenance System (OPS).

All Shanghai Electric Guoxuan’s battery products have passed national and world-class third-party safety tests including GB/T36276-2018, IEC62619, UL1973. Its BMS can provide multi-level systematic battery monitoring, management and protection covering cell, module, battery cluster, battery stack. The SCS offers comprehensive system-level control protection and safety management, while the OPS takes full advantage of the power of SEunicloud, Shanghai Electric’s Industrial Internet platform, to achieve full life-cycle monitoring and management of the energy storage system.

Exploring a diversified business model to enhance the value of energy storage

Over the years, Shanghai Electric energy storage solutions have been powering a slew of demonstration projects in China, which enables the company to create a diversified business model. Those projects include energy storage microgrids, industrial and commercial energy storage, grid-side energy storage, new energy + energy storage, photovoltaic shared energy storage, energy storage + charging solutions. One of the prime examples is the Golmud Energy Storage Power Station, the first independent shared energy storage power station in China. The project links up the supply chain to create an energy storage ecosystem that covers project development, operation, equipment supply, construction, and operation and maintenance.

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