A child was injured by occupation bullets in the town of Beit Ummar

This evening, the child Wissam Aysar Faiq Qawqas Akhilil, 14 years old, was injured by a live bullet in his back that settled next to his spine. He was taken to the hospital by a Red Crescent ambulance.

Media activist in Beit Ummar, Muhammad Ayyad Awad, explained that the child is currently undergoing surgery at Al-Ahli Hospital and is seriously injured.

He added that the child was injured after the occupation army stormed the Safa area, north of Beit Ummar, and confrontations took place with young men, and the child’s house is located near the site of the confrontations. A number of citizens also suffered from suffocation as a result of inhaling tear gas. They were treated in the field

Source: Maan News Agency