Al Ghamdi Brothers restore old archaeological building in Al-Dhafir Village, Al-Baha, reviving heritage and preserving history

Al Baha, In an endeavor to preserve and celebrate the rich heritage of the region, Yanallah Al Ghamdi and his brothers undertook a remarkable initiative: to restore and rehabilitate an old archaeological building in Al Dhafir village, Al Baha city.

Their goal was to revive memories and preserve the region’s heritage by restoring the building and showcasing old tools used for traditional medicine in ancient times, to present the lives and struggles of the early inhabitants of the region to future generations.

Al Ghamdi said that the building was restored through their efforts and that they aspire to revive the entire village, which holds historical importance as a regional hub that has witnessed significant events over time. It is also home to various historical and archaeological mosques, including the King Abdulaziz Mosque, which was part of the Crown Prince’s project for the renovation of historical mosques, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

According to Al Ghamdi, Al Dhafir village has the potentia
l to become a hub for historical and archaeological tourism. It features several buildings that used to be headquarters for different ministries, as well as the region’s first school, established in 1353 AH. They highlight the village’s historical significance as a hub connecting neighboring areas to Al Baha.

Al Ghamdi said the village is considered a significant archaeological site in the region, and expressed hope that the Ministry of Culture will undertake restoration efforts and document its historical events, given the existence of reliable references and testimonies from the elderly. He also commended Al Baha governor’s office for its dedication to preserving and reviving the region’s heritage.

Source: Bahrain News Agency