Butlr Launches GPTs for Sustainable, Collaborative and Safer Care Facilities and Commercial Buildings

AI and Body-Heat-Sensing Technology for Accurate, Anonymous Insights to Optimize How Humans Live and Work Indoors

BURLINGAME, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 1, 2024 / Butlr, the world's first and only anonymous AI-based people-sensing platform, today announced Butlr Care GPT for assisted living and long-term care facilities, and Butlr GPT for commercial buildings. The opt-in GPTs from Butlr can be used as reference designs for partners' and customers' internal GPTs to optimize buildings for energy efficiency, collaboration, comfort, and safety.

Butlr combines artificial intelligence and body-heat-sensing technology into palm-sized sensors that magnetically mount to a wall or ceiling. The sensors are only capable of capturing temperature data, making it impossible to gather sensitive information. Based on surface temperatures, Butlr's machine-learning models enable customers to infer how people use space without capturing any personally identifiable information. Reinforcing Butlr's commitment to being fully privacy-proof, the GPTs do not include customer data. Existing customers interested in the GPTs can request to use the opt-in AI feature.

Butlr's new GPT disrupts the built environment by providing insights that were not previously possible. This can result in significantly reduced carbon footprints, ergonomic and efficient working and living spaces, and early detection of potential health issues such as frailty.

"Buildings are the last frontier when it comes to digital transformation. The way they are designed and used has not changed in centuries. Yet buildings are where people spend the majority of their time," said Honghao Deng, co-founder and CEO, Butlr. "By gaining a better understanding of how space is used, we can transform buildings to reflect how people actually use the space while supporting sustainability, health, and safety goals. With Butlr as its nervous system, it is inevitable that buildings will be able to 'speak' and act based on what they sense."

Butlr Care GPT

Butlr Care is built for assisted living and long-term care facilities to improve safety and treatment of residents and patients while protecting their privacy. For facilities, Butlr Care goes beyond wired wristbands and monitors by alerting staff to wandering and monitoring subtle movement patterns for early identification of frailty and potential falls. Butlr insights enable care teams to respond faster, mitigate the impact of acute health risks, and ensure compliance while helping fill the labor shortage through more efficient use of staff.

Using Butlr Care GPT, care teams can get additional insight to highlight health risks and improve quality of care. For example, asking the Butlr Care GPT for insight on abnormal activities regarding movements and the events patterns of residents or patients. By providing an aggregated view of recorded events and mobility data, physicians can identify early signs of potential age-related health issues without requiring staff to spend additional hours doing manual logging and reporting.

Butlr GPT for Smart Buildings

The Butlr GPT for Smart Buildings can result in buildings running more efficiently with reduced energy costs. For example, customers may modify their HVAC and cleaning and maintenance schedules based on occupancy and usage.

Customers can also use the GPT to visualize a customized office design, layout, huddle areas, conference rooms, and more based on the specific needs of their corporate culture and how they use the office. Similarly, retailers can apply Butlr GPT insights to store layout and design that align with customer needs and interests.

About Butlr

Butlr is an MIT Media Lab spinout that fuses artificial intelligence with body-heat-sensing technology to build patented sensors and an anonymous people-sensing platform. Using thermal insights, Butlr technology understands subtle movements in a space, accurately discerns activity, occupancy, indoor location, and body posture yet is purposely designed to be incapable of capturing personally identifiable information. Butlr spatial insights are used by some of the world's largest companies in hospitality, senior living, health care, commercial real estate, retail, and public transportation to inform decisions regarding space occupancy and utilization, user experiences, patient safety, compliance, staffing, and ensuring buildings are operating with high efficiency and sustainability. These customers include Verizon, Netflix, Walmart, Carrier, Microsoft, and CBRE. For more information, visit www.butlr.com.

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