Iran Threatens Israel Again: Many Elements In The ‘Resistance Front’ Will Respond

Iran renewed its threats today, Wednesday, to Israel, after the raid that targeted its consulate in the Syrian capital, Damascus.

A member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee in the Iranian Parliament, Ismail Kothari, said in a press interview that Tehran ‘is adhering to its right to strike Israel in the appropriate place.’

Kothari believed that, ‘With the attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria, Israel committed a clear violation of the 1961 United Nations Convention, which is an invasion of a territory, because striking consulates and embassies is tantamount to an invasion of the territory of a country.’

As for Iran’s right to respond; he pointed to his country’s right to respond, but in the appropriate place and at the appropriate time as well, considering that ‘Israel must bear responsibility for its actions.’

Kothari confirmed that ‘there are many elements in the ‘Resistance Front’ that will respond, continuing: ‘If necessary… we will respond ourselves.’

Source: National Iraqi
News Agency